Wednesday, June 9, 2010


My friend DC once wisely said (er, wrote in an insightful blog post) that being smart is sometimes like having a piece of plexiglass between yourself and everyone else around you who is having fun.

I definitely feel that way, way more than I would like to. I've met many others who glory in that invisible barrier protecting their ideals and intellect from an increasingly distant Them. And I've met others still who seem so desperate to do anything to break it down; who will go out of their way to even try to swallow it.

Dude...can't nobody swallow walls.

But you can put windows in them. Maybe step around them from time to time long enough to take a few deep breaths of the smooth Fun Air everyone's always going on about. At the very least, you can decorate your see-through wall with conversation-starting stickers.

I think everyone's got their own wall. Call it intelligence, call it beauty, even Great Personality. We all have a strength we hide behind. We blame. We cling to.

Human behavior, yo. It's a tricky bitch.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

to sir, with love

Thank you Glee, for reminding me this song exists and is more exciting than a smack in the face.

Also, for that Journey medley. No show can go wrong with a Journey medley. No day can go too wrong with a Journey medley.