Friday, April 11, 2008

The Internet is a Conspiracy!

And it wants to spoil the frak out of Battlestar for me. Every time I log on I learn a favorite character of mine is ACTUALLY A CYLON! Or that Starbuck is "back." Back? I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WENT ANYWHERE?!

I am trying my damnedest to avoid these things called "websites" and "the pop culture", but to no avail. Not to worry, though. I've already chewed through the second season in a week. I've got my eye on you, Season 3 (thank the gods for Who needs sleep (whenyou'reactuallyacylonsleeperagent OH MY GOD WHAT AM I SAYING? WHO AM I? Keep me away from the small arms locker....)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Paul Thomas Anderson's First Draft

Captain Jack Harkness: Dr Who's Flavor-Blasted Goldfish


ME, to WTTW BOSS: So, you have anything pressing for me to do today?

WTTW BOSS: Um... Have you heard of Doctor Who?

And so commenced a marathon of collecting soundbites for a Who-A-Thon promo writ by yours truly, which way or may not include the phrase "Who's Your Daddy" and clips of Simon Pegg as The Editor.

It was a joyous day! I watched a smattering of episodes from the last season shown on WTTW (Chris Eccleston as the Doc), including a zombie-child attack two parter set during the Blitz that introduce the character Capt Jack Harkness, aka Innuendo-Addled Be-Dimpled Goonball and Star of the Dr Who Spinoff Torchwood.

Harkness is everything cool about the doctor amped to ridiculous degrees. Sometimes this works against him...okay, I haven't seen much of Torchwood but I can see it probably always working against him. But the upside is- He's as sassy as the Doctor (Eccleston's at least, don't hate), and a shimmery column of slut waiting to happen. And, he's bi! Boy on boy action AND time travel? I'm in!

And I just found out his arch-enemy is PLAYED BY SPIKE!!!

Oh, I do love a good bit of sci-fi laced mansluttery.

And such inspired lolcats.

"Captain John Hart, played by American actor James Marsters is a rogue Time Agent of the now disbanded Time Agency and former partner of Jack Harkness, both professionally and sexually. He has been in rehab for drink, drugs, sex and murder. He first appears in the first episode of the second series, entitled "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang".[1] James Marsters discussed some of the character's background in interviews, explaining that John is essentially a doppelgänger or foil of Captain Jack: both are pansexual time travellers, with their key difference being that John never reformed. The character exaggerates many of Jack's qualities, for example displaying zoophilic attraction to non-humanoids such as poodles, in addition to men and women.[2]"

-from Wikipedia

-from Me